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A Chance Encounter – A Fawn

I have always loved nature, animals, and just being outside.  Sometimes I forget to slow down and enjoy these things, I have had some amazing experiences when I do.

One of the greatest joys of my new job, is that I get to spend time working from home.  I pull my computer table outside, settle in my cushioned lawn chair and go to work. During one of these mornings working on my porch, I noticed a fawn munching on some grass in my front pasture.  He was so small, still had his white spots.  As I watched him for a while, I noticed that he was alone.  I thought for sure his mother would show up, but she never did.

Over the last few weeks, I have spotted this little fawn near the barn with the horses.  He will run off when he sees me coming to feed.  Still alone!  I am assuming that he is orphaned.  Pretty sweet deal for him though.  He hangs out with my crew, drinks fresh water from their trough, eats their left over oats, and is protected by these other “gigantic deer”.  I am thinking at this point the little guy thinks my horses are his new family.  Kind of funny when you think about it.  Here are these 5 gigantic deer who are feed by humans twice a day, fresh water every day, shelter from the weather, and lazy days to safely hang out.  I am sure he thinks “WOW!  These guys have it made!”

I haven’t gotten a chance to get a close look at the little fella, until the other day.  I woke up at 5 am to take a ride on Angelina, my soul mate.  We are so in sync.  Riding her is so much fun, I feel connected and complete when I am with her.  A little like in the movie “Avatar” when they hook up with the banshees to fly.  Anyway, back to the ride……

Angelina and I were lazily walking around the pasture when we happened up on the little fawn hiding in some brush.  I was only 5 feet from him.  With my being on Angelina (the gigantic deer), I must not have seemed like a threat.  He watched me for a few minutes then ran off into the woods.  Thinking it would be impossible, I decided to try to follow him to see if I could get closer.  I headed off in the direction that he fled.

I wasn’t much help in finding him, he took off so fast.  As I started down a path, Angelina pulled me away through some high brush.  Strange, I thought!?  She hates tall brush.  But, right in the middle of this brush was the little fawn.  She knew exactly where to look and that I wanted to find him.

He took off again.  As fate would have it Angelina slowly sauntered after him and tracked him down 3 more times.  First time, I thought it was blind luck, but the next three showed me that she knew exactly what she was doing.  Her mom wanted to find the little fawn, she found the little fawn.  I have always known that we were connected, but it is always amazing when you are reminded with those magical moments!

As for that little orphaned fawn, he has found his new home.  Pretty smart fella, if you ask me!  I can’t wait for my next ride.  I am taking the camera this time.  I will post the picture soon.


Dreamer – “Timmy’s in the well!”

Funny story about a crazy little arabian!  Not to sure if this story is inspiring, but it is a good example of keeping your mind open to some of the wonders around you.

I wrote a little about Dreamer in my post  “Controlling Things“.  She is a quirky, funny little horse.  She always suprises me with what she will do next.  If it is possible to say a horse is a clutz, then Dreamer would be just that!  She always manages to get herself into awkward and sometimes difficult predicaments.  I am always rescuing her from the latest.

For example, one day she walked right into our pool – right through the cover and all.  By the way those pool covers that claim to hold an elephant – DON’T hold horses apparently.

Poor Dreamer was stuck and couldn’t get herself out.  As I am about to tell you about how I had to go into the pool to wrap ropes around her for the rescue, picture a pool that had been abandoned by the previous owners for over three years.  As I am swimming in this cess pool I notice medicine bottles are actually floating up from the bottom.  UGGGHHH!!!!  We managed to get Dreamer out of the pool safely, with the help of my neighbor’s truck of course.

I digress.  Back to my reason for this post, because if I wanted to write a blog about all of her antics I would be writing for over 10 years.  She is just that crazy!

I foster horses for the Standardbred Retirement.  Currently, I have two fosters, two horses of my own, and one boarder (a Standardbred that I found a home).  Each morning at 5 am, I feed the crew before going to work.  This particular morning one of my fosters was missing, Sassy.

I waited for her to come when all of the horses came up to eat.  I had finished my chores, she still hadn’t appeared.  Sassy is partially blind, around 17 years old, and bears the scars of much neglect over the years.  I worry about her sometimes, but she is a fighter and looks much better than when she arrived.  (Another story of inspiration about her to come.)  I was starting to get concerned.

I drove my car around to the back side of the pastures, no Sassy.  I called for her, no Sassy.  This wasn’t like her.  Going back to the pasture, I decided to walk around until I could find her.

As I entered the gate, Dreamer met me with a little nudge.  Petting her on the shoulder (see, Arabian Princesses don’t allow anyone to pet their face.), I started walking towards the wooded (weedy) area. Dreamer followed me, I was thinking she probably didn’t have anything better to do.  I lead the way, as we trooped off into the woods.

I was calling and calling for Sassy —-  still nothing.  Then all of a sudden, Dreamer stops and becomes very alert.  She is staring off to the right into the a weedy patch.  Curious, I tried to find out what she saw.  NOTHING!  Another side note about Dreamer, she sees ghosts!

Giving up on Dreamer’s latest ghost, I returned to my trek.  Well, undaunted she decides to take the lead.  Interestingly enough, she heads to the right down a little path.  I am thinking she is going to investigate what she saw earlier.  This time, I was right!  She was leading me right to her object of interest – SASSY!

Sassy had gotten into a thick part of the weeds and couldn’t see what was going on at the barn.  Thankfully, she was happily munching!  I am realizing now that she might be going deaf, along with her many other issues.  Relieved, I walk over to make sure she OK.

Meanwhile, Dreamer heads back to the barn.   Proud of herself, for a job well done.  Returning to the barn, I call out “Thank you Dreamer!”.  I kid you not, she actually turned her head in my direction and whinnied!  Then she went about her merry way.

Now, some won’t believe my next statement, but I swear to you ……  Dreamer helped me find Sassy!  I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but in retrospect she has done this many times before.  I had never recognized it! Angelina, my other horse, has a bad habit of pawing at fences.  She has gotten her hoof caught many times.  Dreamer comes to the fence and calls out for me “Angelina is stuck again!”  I follow her to Angelina.

Bless my poor little clutz’s heart, she has waited for me to rescue her so many times.  Like the time she fell over the stall wall and it fell down on top of her.  When I arrived to the barn, she was patiently waiting for me to get her out.  Most horses panic, fight to free themselves, and will bring down anything that gets in the way.  In fact, some will fight the rescuer.  It is very dangerous to aid a horse that is trapped.  But, Dreamer doesn’t fight anymore, she just waits for me.  I think she now sees me as “MOM”, the one who helps her children out of predicaments.  In some small way, she depends on me to “fix” things.

I am tearing up just thinking about the untrusting, beaten down, broken spirit of a horse that I brought home many years ago.  The many years I spent trying to gain her trust, were rewarded in this realization.  She trusts me completely!  What a special gift!

The Ant Who Moved The Rubber Tree Plant… well acutally the mouse

I heard the funniest story this morning.  One of the local radio stations has a WOW Wednesday contest.  Each caller has 90 seconds to tell their story and the panel of three judges has to unanimously agree that the story is worth a “WOW” to win the prize.

Usually these stories are simple or just funny, but the story this morning actually carries an inspirational message……

“So this woman tells her husband that her car has a funny smell and is making a funny noise when she drives it.  Being a concerned husband, he took the car into the dealership to find the problem.  They kept the car for a week trying to find the problem.  The mechanics had to almost completely take the car apart to find the problem.

So the mechanic calls the husband to give him the news of the problem.  Apparently a very determined little mouse had decided to hide his food stash in the engine block.  He is very determined, because he has stored over 10 lbs of dog food in this car.  The mechanics couldn’t believe how much food one little mouse had stored.

But the story doesn’t end here……..

After hearing what was wrong with her car, the woman started thinking that the second car she was driving had a funny smell TOO!  She took it into the dealership as well, just to make sure everything was all right.  The end result was that the same little mouse had stored his food in this car’s engine block too.  Again over 10 lbs!!!!!”

This one little mouse stored over 20lbs of dog food for his winter storage.  Just thinking about all the time he spent picking up each piece of food and running to his hiding place to store it – is pretty amazing!!!  He didn’t have a little mousey bucket to save trips back and forth.  Instead of being overwhelmed by his task, he stayed the course and moved each piece of dog food one at a time  —–  20lbs.

Hard work, determination, staying the course, and working through a problem little by little is a good lesson for us in our lives.  So much can be accomplished by keeping focused and working towards it little by little!

As a side note, not so sure about the dog.  Either he was extremely giving and watched this little guy share his food.  Or, he was probably wondering what happened to over 20 lbs of his kibble 😉