Passwords – Damn forgot mine again……

I have an ever increasing problem – every site that I belong to or account I have requires a password.  Do you know how many passwords that is?  Take a minute to see how many places you have a password.

I have a horrible memory for details like these, it is much worse since I became a mom.  They say that we can only hold so much information in our memory before some things have to move out to make room for new things.  If this is true, then the part of my memory that holds my passwords has moved and left no forwarding address.

I find myself changing my passwords just about every time I need to pay credit cards online.  It is so frustrating!  My favorite part of this process is when they ask you for your security question and the answer.  The answer I am always using is “DAMN!  I forgot that too!”

I have tried making my password one version with a minor change to one letter each time I change it.  Worked great for awhile, until someone hacked into my email.  The worst part was not that my email was hacked, it was trying to remember all of the accounts that I now had to change the passwords.  GRRR!!!!  The damnedest part is that they also hacked into my pay pal account a week later, they not only figured out my password – they remembered it!  I can’t ever remember the password to this account.

I think I was cursed with this genetic defect.  The long running joke in our family is my mother’s inability to remember simple things, conversations, or even our names.  I guess I have learned my lesson about picking on my mother.

One example that really stands out with my mother’s handicap, was when the came to visit me.  I walked into my kitchen to the smell of something burning.  I asked my mother if she was cooking something.  “OH, I forgot my toast!” was her reply.  Very common for mom to forget bread in the oven, we ate many a piece of burned toast in our day.  But this time, the toaster oven was on fire!  I put it out and thinking it had malfunctioned did further investigation.  Somehow she had managed to put the bread BEHIND the pop up baskets.  This was not only strange, but extremely difficult.  I couldn’t remove the bread in the same manner in which it went it.  Her answer was, “I knew it seemed difficult to put in the bread.”

No, my other is not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or senior moments.  She has been doing things like this since she was in her 30’s.  She isn’t stupid, in fact she has a very high IQ, but her memory is very poor.  GENETICS!!!  I guess this is my future too.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?  Do you have any experiences where you forgot something?


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