Interesting Experience – Unexpected Gift

I have been going through a tough time with my daughter lately.  We are approaching the age at which we are going to be able to see the affects of her condition.  Her future is dependent upon how well she develops over the next few years.  She is almost two years old and we had her first series tests to determine if any new tumors have developed or the current tubers in her brain have changed.

I was petrified going into this series of tests.  I understand the necessity of knowing what changes are going on an addressing them as soon as possible.  On the other side, it is so hard to go in for results knowing that the news might be very bad.  I haven’t been able to breathe for over two months, since the day we scheduled her tests.

The day before her appointment, I was taking her into daycare when I got the most unexpected gift.  I was stopped in the hallway by a woman who wanted to talk to me about Lily.  She works at the facility and is always sharing stories about her time spent with Lily.  As we started talking, I noticed that she was referring to Lily’s future.  Under the assumption that she was trying to reassure me and express her opinions of Lily’s future, I was appreciative of her views.

As the conversation went on, I noticed her looking at a picture of Lily.  She almost seem to be talking to the air.  This made me curious.  Her observations moved to Lily attending special schools and our abilities to provide her with the education she needed.  She was telling me that Lily and I will be very close and she will always turn to me for help.  In her teenage years, Lily was going to be easier than others.  She wasn’t going to be getting involved with the social pressures of drugs, alcohol, and partying.  Her love was going to be focused on her family and animals.  She will prefer to be home, because it is her place of peace.  She mentioned about Lily’s independent spirit and how I will be challenged with not stifling her and letting her work things out on her own.  Last of all, she told me Lily was a gift and a special child.  She will teach me things about myself.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, she was a “seer”.  Seer’s are similar to psychics, but a little more spiritual based.  She considers her gift to be from God and it only comes to her when the time is right.

I am sure some of you are skeptical and I have to admit at one time in my life I was as well.  But she was right about one thing for sure, I needed what she was telling me!  I felt that it was a message to remind me that my daughter was going to be OK and I have what resources I need to help her.  I started to breathe for the first time in over two months (more like two years, since the day she was diagnosed).  I went into her Neurologist’s appointment today more relaxed and ready to handle whatever was next.

Well, the second we walked into his office – the doctor said, “Everything looks fine guys!”  (He loves to use the term “guys”, even if it is only me in the room.)  Her tests showed no new tumors or changes!!!!  I was overwhelmed with relief and I remembered my conversation with the seer.  Whether her abilities are real or not – I am thankful!

As a side note, this was my second experience with this ability.  I met with a animal communicator once.  I mentioned my abused horse, I wanted to set up an appt to talk with her.  She started mentioning things about my horse immediately.  I was caught off guard, because I was talking with her in Georgia and my horse was in Virginia.  I thought you had to be in the presence of the animal to communicate.

She told me about a pain that Dreamer had in her left hip.  Many vets had examined her and no such pain existed, so I was writing her off almost immediately.  Five years later, Dreamer developed a pain in her back which required a chiropractor.  During the chiropractic exam, they found her pelvis to be off.  Her left side was evidence of a previous injury that had healed wrong.  In fact, they suspected that she had broken her pelvis many years ago.  The source of her pain was the pelvis – left side.  Strange coincidence, huh!?  This was the first time anyone had mentioned her having pain.  Once someone told me she had eyesight problems on the left side, but no lameness.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that you never know.  Our rational side tells us not to believe, but our hearts want to believe.  The only thing I can say with any certainty, I am open to the messages around me!  Some are obvious knocks on the door or blinding lights of discovery – but some are mere whispers on the wind, easily missed.


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