I Need Inspiration…..

If you like this blog, have any suggestions, or would like to see more posts – Please let me know!  I am enjoying writing some of my stories, but I want to hear yours too.

What inspires you?  Who is your role model?  Or just share a funny story!

On that note—  I heard a joke on my way to work this morning…..

“What did the old lady’s breast say to the other breast?”

“If we don’t perk up, they are going to think we are nuts!”

I need a little inspiration!   Thanks to all my readers!  I hope that I am able to add some value with my posts.

Have a great weekend!


One response to “I Need Inspiration…..

  1. Just a small suggestion… Perhaps create a day for your blog for the sharing of inspirational stories. Perhaps you could present a topic at the beginning of the week, and on… say… Friday have a link up where readers can post the link for what they’ve written.

    Just a thought that came to me… 🙂

    BIG hugs!

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