What does that mean to you?  So many feelings and meanings come to mind when I hear this word.

Webster defines home in several different ways – I was actually surprised to find out that “home” actually has a noun, adjective, adverb, and verb meaning.  Doesn’t that say so much about the diversity in this word.

Noun – 1.  one’s place of residence 2.  the social unit formed by a family living together 3.  a familiar or usual setting : congenial environment; also 4.  the focus of one’s domestic attention, such as “the home is where the heart is”  5. place of origin

Adverb – 1.  to or at one’s home  (stayed home all day) 2.  to go or  return home 3.  habitat of an animal

Verb – 1.  to return accurately to one’s home or natal area from a distance 2.  to proceed to or toward a source of radiated energy used as a guide <missiles home in on radar> 3.  to proceed or direct attention toward an objective <science is homing in on the mysterious human

Adjective – 1.  of, relating to, or being a home, place of origin, or base of operations  2. prepared, done, or designed for use in a home 3.  operating or occurring in a home area

Home also has an emotional meaning to all of us.  When we talk about our homes we all have a different frame of reference.  For instance – 1.  to some it is the country, state, or town they were born in; 2. yet to others it is their current residence; 3. to some without a stable living arrangement, home is in their heart (with their loved ones); 4.  home, to still others, is the place where they feel comfortable in being themselves;  5.  and yet, home can also be the place that brings them the fondest memories.

One song really has made me stop and think – “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood.  It really expresses some different meanings for “Home”.   She starts out with a little boy being shuffled through many foster homes, he knows he hasn’t found his home yet.  To him hope symbolizes his home, a place where he belongs.  The second part is about a homeless, single, struggling mother, who tells her little girl they will find a place in this world.  The last part is an ederly man passing away and he says he is returning to his home with God.

Contemplating this word and what it means to me, I think that home has become almost similar to hope, inspiration, safety, and security.  When I think of home, I feel warm, safe, and loved.  My definition of where that place is has changed over the years.

I wanted to believe it was with my parents.  I tried to make my place of origin, my home.  As time would have it, things have changed.  As a child, you were taught to define home as the place where you and your parents lived.  Pretty much a black and white explanation, simple for a child to understand.  But as you become more in touch with your feelings and emotions, home has a much more complicated definition.  For many it can be a slap in the face, the neglect and/or abuse are real and they don’t feel secure.  My childhood home brings me sadness, regret, and fear.  One day, in anger, my mother said “You have never fit in this family and you never will.”  This statement was so close to the truth, I just wasn’t ready to understand it at the time.

Redefining your home is the most important thing to do in these situations.  Finding a place of peace inside yourself becomes necessary.  Feeling secure, loved, and comfortable are the essentials to all human life.  We can’t survive without it.  If you can’t find this in your current home, find it in yourself.

By relying on my own strength, I have formed a wonderful place to call “HOME”.  My wonderful husband, little angel, and many loving furry companions have created the decorations and furnishings for my home.  My heart is the home fire that keeps it warm!  Their love is my fuel to continue to burn bright! My protectiveness and loyalty are the pillows that make our home a safe place to land.  Our memories are the keys to unlock the door.  Hugs and kisses are the fine china of my house.  I love my home.  I will make sure my little girl knows she is always welcome and safe here!
Please share your stories of your “home”.  I would love to hear them.  What has defined you as a person?  How did you find your home?


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