The Ant Who Moved The Rubber Tree Plant… well acutally the mouse

I heard the funniest story this morning.  One of the local radio stations has a WOW Wednesday contest.  Each caller has 90 seconds to tell their story and the panel of three judges has to unanimously agree that the story is worth a “WOW” to win the prize.

Usually these stories are simple or just funny, but the story this morning actually carries an inspirational message……

“So this woman tells her husband that her car has a funny smell and is making a funny noise when she drives it.  Being a concerned husband, he took the car into the dealership to find the problem.  They kept the car for a week trying to find the problem.  The mechanics had to almost completely take the car apart to find the problem.

So the mechanic calls the husband to give him the news of the problem.  Apparently a very determined little mouse had decided to hide his food stash in the engine block.  He is very determined, because he has stored over 10 lbs of dog food in this car.  The mechanics couldn’t believe how much food one little mouse had stored.

But the story doesn’t end here……..

After hearing what was wrong with her car, the woman started thinking that the second car she was driving had a funny smell TOO!  She took it into the dealership as well, just to make sure everything was all right.  The end result was that the same little mouse had stored his food in this car’s engine block too.  Again over 10 lbs!!!!!”

This one little mouse stored over 20lbs of dog food for his winter storage.  Just thinking about all the time he spent picking up each piece of food and running to his hiding place to store it – is pretty amazing!!!  He didn’t have a little mousey bucket to save trips back and forth.  Instead of being overwhelmed by his task, he stayed the course and moved each piece of dog food one at a time  —–  20lbs.

Hard work, determination, staying the course, and working through a problem little by little is a good lesson for us in our lives.  So much can be accomplished by keeping focused and working towards it little by little!

As a side note, not so sure about the dog.  Either he was extremely giving and watched this little guy share his food.  Or, he was probably wondering what happened to over 20 lbs of his kibble 😉


One response to “The Ant Who Moved The Rubber Tree Plant… well acutally the mouse

  1. That IS a WOW story! Animals truly amaze me! Where most people would hmm and haa and spend more time looking for a way to get out of their task (at least such is true about my eldest kids lol), he just went about it because it was necessary to his survival come the winter.

    He probably started on the second one because his first stash had disappeared! lol

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