Life Is Hard, But It Is All In How We Live It….

I read this post for one of my favorite bloggers.  Too many times we hear all about how great someone’s life is going, how positive they are about life, their accomplishments….. so on and so on.  I am all about celebrating these with them, but sometimes I just have a BAD day.  I don’t want to have to fight down the jealousy, envy, and feelings of failure when I hear their wonderful life.

Let me clarify, I love sharing ideas and celebrating the successes of others.  I just find it hard to be happy for them when I am having a crappy day.  Especially if they NEVER have a bad day.  They seem to always have it together and love to flaunt it.  WE ALL have bad days.  I believe that it is how we handle those bad days is what defines us.

I have dealt with a lot of bad times and I am here to say I survived and am better person as a result.  I can remember talking to a friend one day and she wanted to know how I was able to survive my divorce.

I thought about this a little while and realized that I actually was proud of my survival.  I went from being supported by my husband while I built my business, with no worries about money, home, food, etc…..  To no home, no financial support, no medical insurance, very little income, no family support, and being very ALONE.

I even celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving with my pets.  I decided to make the best of my situation.  One of my fondest memories now is, sharing my cold (due to a power outage), pre-made Thanksgiving meal with my furry babies.  Sounds bad to some, but I loved it.  I didn’t have any family drama to deal with, I just didn’t have the emotional ability to deal with their antics.  My support was my furry family and they have always been there for me.  As for friends, my X had alienated me from my friends.  I had to rebuild my entire life.  I am sure you are asking yourself, “WHY ARE YOU PROUD OF THIS?”

Because, I managed to make the best of my situation and didn’t sit around feeling sorry about my situation.  I focused on what was important and built on it.  I am now happily married, live in a nice house with my horses at home for once, have a beautiful little girl, a wonderful job, lots of friends I can count on….  But the one thing that I am the most proud of, I was tested to my very core and I proved to myself that I can SURVIVE!!!  You really don’t know what you are capable of doing until you are tested.

When life gets hard (and believe me it still does), I know in my heart I can get through this.  It is only temporary and I have the power to control my perspective.  I actually took my divorce and used it as a chance to reinvent myself.  I love my new creation and I can now be a true role model for my little girl.

Here is a link to the post that motivated me:   Hiccups in Time – Life is a Highway that Sometimes Needs Repairing


One response to “Life Is Hard, But It Is All In How We Live It….

  1. I’m glad that you found that post inspiring, Shannon! I must say that I found yours equally inspiring, and by no means did I ever wonder how that could be something that you’re proud of. 🙂

    We all have trials and tribulations in our lives, each in unique ways. It’s how we get through them and prevail, I believe, that says the most about us. More so than how we ended up there in the first place.

    And… you know? I have difficulties being happy for others when I’m having a crappy day, as well… I have a dear friend, who is having a wonderful adventure away from home with her husband, and I find a part of me is really rather jealous. Especially given that Dh is gone again at the moment. I just remind myself, though, when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head… This is their treat for a deployment recently survived, and he’ll be gone again in the near future. I’m just at the point that SHE was not too terribly long ago. It’s that realization that DOES help me to be happy for them… 🙂

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